Linda FinkleExecutives and top performers in leading companies rely on Executive Coach Linda Finkle to call them on their blind spots, expand their influence and create bigger things for themselves and the companies they lead. High-achieving professionals from Ameriprise, Mass Mutual, Blue Cross Blue Shield, major law firms and dozens of others have come to know Linda as their secret weapon to overcome leadership and communication challenges that stand in their way of making an even bigger impact.

Linda is described as ‘the best of both worlds in that she understands revenue pipeline management as well as running an organization day-to-day’ and ‘an invaluable resource and advisor’ by others. No matter how they describe her, clients regularly welcome the benefits that come from their work together. Most notably, clients’ gross revenues skyrocketed, communication skills have been refined creating a lasting ripple effect across the organization, allowing them to make bigger impacts at work and in their personal lives, and learn smarter ways of adding value without burning out.

Known for her great rapport and relationship-focused demeanor, she is often called direct and has a truth-telling way about her. Linda Finkle has coached and trained more than 2,000 leaders in six countries since 2001. Widely known as “The Elephant Chaser”, Linda has a reputation for going straight for the throat of whatever problems a business is having and working closely with leaders and managers to resolve them and to heighten the company’s overall performance. Whether working one-on-one with clients, as an inspiring speaker, as a leadership team facilitator, or with partnerships in distress, Linda is committed to guiding clients to clarity about their communications, behaviors and stumbling blocks that stand in the way of their effectiveness.

Before launching Incedo Group, LLC, Linda built and managed an executive recruiting firm for more than twenty years. Her recruitment agency identified talent for Fortune 500 companies and small to mid-sized business as well, and ranked among the top 10 recruiting firms in the country. Her ability to understand the corporate culture and needs of the company for both the long and short term ensured her clients returned time and again. Even today, clients and candidates from her recruiting days reach out to her for advice, help, and guidance.

Her ability to build trust immediately, her powers of perception and intuition, along with her tactful and direct style, create a space that allows clients to share their truth and receive the feedback they won’t hear from anyone else. It is exactly what they need to make changes to catapult their leadership and companies in powerful ways.

Education and Accolades

Linda earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Ohio University. She completed the program at Coach U as a Certified Coach U graduate. Linda is also one of only 600 people in the world to hold the distinguished Master Certified Coach (MCC) title from the International Coach Federation. For five years, Linda was an instructor at the University of Miami’s esteemed coach training program.

Linda’s success among the dozens of organizations she helped led her to the spotlight of major business and investment publications. She has been interviewed in Harvard Business Review, Investor’s Business Daily, US News and World Report, Reuters and The Wall Street Journal among numerous other prestigious publications.

Her book, Finding the Fork in the Road, hit the bestseller list on Amazon within three days of being launched.

Ideal Clients to Benefit from Working with Linda

  • CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, C-level executives, and business owners who want to leave a lasting legacy behind and need a game-changing approach to get this accomplished.
  • Business partnerships that are financially healthy, yet challenged by their interpersonal relationships and/or partnership struggling financially.
  • Companies who want to take their sales team to the next level or have inconsistent sales revenue and growth.
  • Entrepreneurs who want and need to grow beyond their own ability to manage every aspect of the company.
  • Clients who are already successful, but paying a high price for that success and are ready to hear what they need to start or stop doing to make work easier and take them to the next level.

On the Personal Side

Linda’s interest in leadership, communication, and human development started at an early age. Her father was the president of an international paper company and business conversations over dinner were common place. After graduating with a degree in Food Technology, Linda ran the quality control department of two major food manufacturing firms and learned the difference between results and process and the impact of leadership at many levels.

Married to her husband, Steve, since 1974, she raised two daughters and has several grandchildren. Regardless of her busy schedule, she makes time to spend with people she loves. Pursuing her hobbies, Linda enjoys reading, knitting, cooking, and travel. Her guilty pleasures include a glass of wine with friends or family and watching reruns of Perry Mason and Star Trek.