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Although she draws upon many carefully selected resources, Linda is the heart and soul of her company. Linda Finkle, MCC (Master Certified Coach) and business development consultant has honed her considerable skills over a career that’s spanned more than three decades and includes scores of profitable and happy clients, the creation of an 8-figure business and a bestselling business book called “Finding the Fork in the Road”.

One of only 600 people in the world to hold the MCC title, Linda uses her talents and expertise to help companies improve their productivity, profitability, system structures, partnership relations, communications, and leadership. Widely known as “The Elephant Chaser”, Linda has a reputation for going straight for the throat of whatever problems a business is having and working closely with leaders and managers to resolve them and heighten the company’s overall performance.

Linda is not a business theorist and she doesn’t promote vague and cliche fad business concepts that sound great but don’t really get the job done. When you work with Linda, you are working with a dedicated partner who takes a hands-on approach to improving your situation. Whatever your current challenges, Linda helps you find a solution through customized training and attentive follow-up.


Business alliances are powerful and frustrating, and they can either accelerate your business or drive it into the ground. Linda analyzes your partnership and determines what’s wrong now, how to fix it, and what preventive steps you can take to keep it running smoothly.

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Sales Training

No matter what the industry, a company that depends on sales for its revenue needs to be able to count on that revenue for stability and growth. Linda takes a hands-on approach to create a system to maximize sales performance and to make certain that new hires come onboard with the tools they need to quickly succeed. Read more…

Business Development

Doctors, lawyers, accountants, real estate agents and other businesses count on their clients, both new and repeat, to keep their company alive. Often, because of the personal nature of these types of businesses, owners and managers have issues with maintaining an effective revenue cycle. Linda understands this and she helps professional service firms create powerful systems that bring in new business and maximize the return of existing clients. Read more…

Customer Service Training

Appointment-setting call centers face many issues that threaten the financial stability of the company. Outdated sales material, poor customer relations, high turnover, and a lack of analytics are a few of the most common threatening issues we see in the marketplace. Linda’s experience as a business development consultant and track record proves that she can streamline your customer service processes and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your income stream is steady, that your top performers are happy and want to stay, and that new hires hit the ground running. Read more…

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Leadership Training Courses

Whatever your current challenges, Incedo Group helps you find a solution through customized training and attentive follow-up.