There will be many instances when you find yourself working under ineffective leadership who impacts  your growth and creates an unhealthy work atmosphere at the workplace. Dealing with ineffective leadership is not easy; however, this difficulty can teach you a lot and help you to grow as the skills you learn are great business skills to develop.

Here are some ideas of how to work with an ineffective leader.

Put everything on record – when your boss is ineffective he is not likely to accept responsibility and likely will easily pass the blame on others. Ensure that you put all you do on record and do not take up any critical assignment without a written order or at least confirm in writing your understanding of the assignment.

Do not take it personally – this is very difficult when the boss is unsupportive and seems to sabotage every bit of work you do; but remember this is because he is unable to come to terms with himself. It is not about you, it is about him. Stay as objective as you can. This is easier when you focus on the task at hand rather than at your feelings.

Give your boss as much support as you can – very often it becomes easier dealing with ineffective leadership when you show empathy. Many of these bosses are looking for someone to do their work for them. This might be a great opportunity for you to do the job of the boss; just ensure that you never rub his nose in it. The more he depends upon you, the more valuable you become. And be sure, you will be observed for this work for ineffective leaders do not stay incognito for long.

Develop a vast network – this may be the best way is to move away from your present job to one that offers greater satisfaction. Though this is not always the best way for dealing with ineffective leadership, it does give you a way out. The network is among the best way to get a better job, or work opportunities that would take you away from your ineffective boss.

Talk it out – sometimes, a great way to resolve the conflict is talking it out.  While you are moving in the manner he wants you to move, it would be easy to get him agree to a few things you need to ensure that you can do your job best. This is called diplomacy and tact and it takes a while to master it.

These are simple ways of dealing with ineffective leadership that anyone could easily apply to their circumstances.


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