Getting past fearFear is something everyone suffers from, and faces in their day to day life. However it is those who manage to overcome this fear that emerge successful in life, in leadership and in whatever they do. Those who revel in fear only end up in uncertainty, confusion and unfocused.

Fear is a paralyzing feeling.  It makes you think of, and concentrate on only the negative aspects of life. It makes you concentrate more on what’s wrong and what can go wrong instead of moving forward and seeing the positive possibilities.

In other words, instead of helping at building up your strengths, it only helps you focus on your weaknesses. All that time spent on unproductive worry can produce more productive results if you focus on the positive and moving forward.

Fear is only a waste of time

Time is precious, and if it’s wasted in unnecessary worry, it will not take a leader anywhere. Leaders who learn to overcome their fear find they have more time to concentrate on more constructive things, and bring out the best in their team.

So simply said, learning to get past fear is very important to a leader. A leader is in charge of a team, and if the leader himself is afraid of something, they will not be able to guide their team.  A leader could be afraid of accepting a new challenge, a new project, changes in the organization or a myriad of other possibilities.

Leaders who don’t learn to overcome their fear only end up standing on the side while other leaders, move forward. To become a leader and overcome competition from rivals and competitors, leaders have to first learn to get past being afraid.

Face fear in the face

The best way to overcome it is to find out what exactly you are afraid of. Once you identify this, you find that looking it in the face makes it less threatening to you. So if you are afraid of failure of a task, you have to learn that failure is a relative term is not something to worry about.

In fact, to succeed in life, you need to go through some failures before you actually succeed in life. So instead of developing a fear for failure, you have to understand that failure is a stepping stone to success. If you fail at something, don’t give up. Just work harder and you will overcome both your failure and fear of life.

Use fear to bring out the best in you

This fear of failure is practically interrelated in everything a leader has to do like organizing and leading a team, facing a new challenge and taking responsibility for a team and decisions. However these are all risks, and part of leadership which a leader has to face.

Leaders should realize that it is through these mistakes that they learn, and pick themselves up to move on forward in life. In fact, indirectly, it is fear that leads to these initial mistakes that eventually bring out the best in leaders.


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