Leaders are Accountable TooAll too often managers feel that their subordinates have to be accountable for their actions but they themselves don’t feel they should be held responsible. Is accountability only for others or should leaders be accountable too?

In the world today there is a crisis because of a lack of strong leadership. Leadership is essential in organizations, businesses, and in life in general. People actually look up to those who are strong in their convictions and in their ability to lead. Not all people have leadership potential but all people look up to leaders. It is important to remember that those who lead must also account for their actions. It is not just the subordinates or followers who have to be held responsible for the things they do.

Those in charge must also be held accountable for their actions and not expect others to be responsible for their mistakes or assume no responsibility for themselves.  Those in charge must earn respect and they must exhibit respect for those they lead.  You expect people to be accountable for what they do regardless of the role they hold. You as a leader must also be held responsible.

A leader will inspire others to strive to do better. They will get the most from those they are leading. The only way they can do this is by gaining the trust and respect of the followers. A manager that exhibits accountability will endear themselves to others. If the person in charge is not willing to accept accountability they will not get the cooperation out of others they need to succeed.

The business community is diverse and we must step up and take charge of the future. Things are changing daily and strong leaders are needed to guide us into the future. But they must recognize that they cannot expect others to be accountable for their actions unless they too are willing to accept accountability. Success takes a team effort and the strongest person on the team has to also answer to the team. If the person in charge lets the team down then the team cannot succeed. The team looks to the leader to guide them in the right direction.

Strong leaders must have the skill to function in the moment and look to the future if they want to succeed. But management can only be successful when they inspire others to follow. Someone with a big ego will not get very far. A leader must show others they care about their success and they must show others that they are willing to be accountable for their actions.


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