Leaders come in many different forms and with many different personalities. Some are stiff and stern and some have a sense of humor. Not all successful leaders have a sense of humor but most of them do. Good leadership skills require the leader to be human and laugh often.

We have all seen and met leaders who are strictly business. The only thing they seem to have on their mind is work, work, and more work. They often frown and they rarely, if ever, smile. We have all heard the phrase laughter is the best medicine.  People are just in better moods when they laugh. Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed and nobody can really enjoy life if they never laugh.

For leaders, it seems that humor and humility are some of the best traits they can have. A leader that can laugh with their employees will endear themselves to the employees. It shows the employee that the leader is just a human being like they are. Laughter helps promote a relaxed atmosphere where everybody is comfortable with their surroundings.

Humor puts people at ease and helps lighten the mood. It can be appropriate in almost any circumstance. It allows those around you to see a lighter side of you.  Humor relieves tension during the tough times. In companies there are plenty of tough times, especially in today’s market. The economy is difficult and companies are having to compete for business in ways they never have before. A little laughter allows everybody to relax and take away some of the tension. Then everybody can think clearly and start making sound decisions.

Good leadership skills will even allow you to deliver bad news while still maintaining humor. It is never fun to tell employees you are cutting back or laying off. That kind of announcement can be devastating to some employees. It helps if you can tell them that life will go on and things will improve.  The employee will see that you are concerned about them and that you will be looking for ways to make things better.

Humor is a great way to build a team. When the entire team laughs they are comfortable with each other. They see that they can have fun together while at the same time working toward one goal. Humor helps create a sense of community and helps employees work better together on a daily basis.

And remember, humor can be one of the best means of motivation. Happy employees will produce a quality product. Leadership skills that have humor can help promote a happy workplace.


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