Most of us realize in personal relationships that the little things matter. You know what I mean, and it’s more than just gifts or nice words. So why do we not take this same skill into our business communication? I’ve recently launched my book and the lessons from this experience are truly many. One I want to talk about today is that the little things matter just as much in our business relationships as our personal ones. I’m sure most of you would generally agree with this, but I believe that in our hurried, fast-paced, make-it-happen world we simply forget this concept.

But here’s what I learned: Business communication is more than just remembering relationships; it’s about who the people are. Now intellectually I know this. Who we are is more important than what we do, but I missed connecting this to business communication. During my book launch I saw the evidence of this time and time again. I’m a bit assertive and don’t mind being a pest, so I made lots of requests of lots of busy, well known people to help me market my book. Guess what I found? That the little things matter to others. It’s the personal touch that I put on each and every email I sent out asking for their help that often got me the yes. People told me that even when I pestered them I did it with lightness and humor, and they responded to that. They also told me how important it was that I sent every email , took their phone calls personally and followed up with them.

I intuitively knew this but I hadn’t given it much thought because I do these things all the time. What surprised me is that other people recognized them, acknowledged them and stated outright that it made a difference in their decision to help me.

Well, maybe it isn’t the little things that matter, maybe it’s the big thing: who you are and how you show up in relationships. Others not only notice it, they feel it. Little things matter in business communication, and this affects business relationships.

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