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What Makes a Successful Sales Person – 5 Attributes That Never Fail

WhatMakesSuccessfulSalesPerson 300x199 What Makes a Successful Sales Person – 5 Attributes That Never Fail sales sales training In today’s world every business and profession depends upon how well you can sell it. Whether you are appearing for an interview – where you sell your skills – or whether you are working in a business or organization you will find that you would be required at one time or other to sell something. How do you do this successfully?

Good salespeople know that it takes much more than a glib tongue to sell anything. Here are the 5 attributes that rake in the gold. Do you have it in you to be a great salesperson?

  • Confidence – Would you buy something from a person who you feel has no idea about what he/ she is selling? Of course no.  You might fear that you would make a mistake since the salesperson has no clue about what he/ she is selling. To make a sale, you need to instill confidence in the prospective buyer who should perceive you as an expert. To attain such high level of confidence you need to do your homework well. So, before you sell anything, know everything there is to know about it and speak with full confidence.
  • Focus on the client – why should the person buy what you are selling?  You want them to buy so you continue to have a job, make money and can support yourself and your family.  But you  would never say that to a prospective client; what you should point out is how what you are selling  would make a huge difference in their life or business.  The focus should always be on the benefit it would give your client, the WIIFT, the ‘what’s in it for them.’
  • Target the right client – if I were to sell a fishing rod I would never go to a woman, unless I was told she loves fishing. Usually, I would target men for this is a pastime more typical of men than women. It is very important that you know who your target audience is when you go out to sale anything. A mismatch at this level will result in you not being able to complete the sale.
  • Network – the power of networking in selling anything has been proved umpteen times. Networking lends credibility to the salesperson, which is an invaluable tool while trying to convince any prospective client about a sale. Hence, a good salesperson would network extensively and use this network to build a positive reputation that would propel sales forward.
  • Delivery on promise – a good salesperson never closes the door once a client is in.  As they say, ‘Once a client, forever my client!’ Delivery on promise is one of the most critical aspects of good salesmanship. This is how trust is built, which result is good networking, which in turn results in growing sales.
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  1. Jack Lindsley
    Jack LindsleyOct 06, 2011


    I agree on all your points with one comment about number 3. Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc. managed to sell the iPad to over 15 million people who really didn’t need it. Great salespeople create the market, not necessarily target specific companies, prospects or verticals. They also do everything they can to not look, act or sound like a salesperson.

  2. agnes zirinis
    agnes zirinisOct 20, 2011

    I agree on all points. Sales people are often perceived as “sellers” and as says Jack “do everything not to…” I’ve experienced that people want to buy, not to be sold. The best way is to carefully LISTEN to them and they’ll give you all the infos you need to find out what’s appropriate for them! This is why we have 2 ears and only 1 mouth :)

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