What We Do

Why do organizations choose to work with Incedo Group?

The short answer…because we do a great job and get results, and results that are sustainable. What matters is not change for just now, but change that continues long after the coaching program is complete. This is where you receive the return on your investment. Whether we are working with an executive or a team, our focus is on shifting perspectives to attain clear, measurable outcomes while providing tools and techniques you can use every day. Incedo has a reputation for going straight for the heart of whatever problems a business is having and working closely with leaders to resolve them. Linda Finkle and the other highly credentialed coaches who work with her are top-notch and share an unparalleled commitment to excellence.

Included at no extra charge … we are not afraid to bring humor into the executive office and workshop room. At Incedo we approach things differently. Our coaching and workshops are thought-provoking and hard hitting, yet fresh and fun. As relevant as our curriculum is to your business, you know that presentation skills count. Even if your company needs help, your eyes glaze over at the thought of yet another expert jetting in for a day, leaving a few good thoughts and some handouts that are often forgotten by the time you pay the bill.

As a boutique firm, we offer customized solutions, not the templated one-size-fits-all approach you may be more familiar with. Why do we do this since it’s clearly more work for us? Because what matters to you matters to us. While your problems may be similar to other organizations (Example: poor communication or lack of accountability), your company is not the same as other organizations. Our approach is tailored to what will work in your company.

How do we help?

Coaching, workshops, training, speaking, programs, yes, we do that and more. But you don’t hire us for this reason. You hire us to work with you to resolve a business problem. We work with you to get to the core of the problem, not simply treat the symptom. Improving communication isn’t the problem you want resolved. What is the impact of poor, ineffective, or nonexistent communication? Do you have poor performance in pocketed areas of your company, or across the board? Have you experienced turnover at higher rates than ideal and are losing your best and brightest? Are sales sluggish or accountability is a missing skill in your company? Are you concerned about succession planning, realizing that you are growing and don’t have the talent in place to move up to support the company’s growth? Whatever you tell us is the challenge, we spend the time necessary to understand how this challenge is affecting your organization’s performance, profitability, and growth.

Once we have a clear picture of your needs, we design a solution addressing your specific requirements. The solution may include a single focus such as coaching, or a combination of services. Whatever we recommend you will understand not only why we are making the recommendation but the results you can expect.

Who do we help?

Clients who benefit from working with Incedo Group:

  • CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, C-level executives and business owners who want to leave a lasting legacy and need a game-changing approach to get this accomplished.
  • Business partnerships that are financially healthy, yet challenged by their interpersonal relationships and/or partnerships struggling financially.
  • Companies who want to take their sales teams to the next level or have inconsistent sales revenue and growth.
  • Entrepreneurs who want and need to grow beyond their own ability to manage every aspect of the company.
  • Clients who are already successful, but paying a high price for that success and are ready to hear what they need to start or stop doing to make work easier and take them to the next level.
  • Organizations who feel like they are running in place and are ready to move forward and achieve corporate goals.
  • Companies who want their customer service teams to understand the true meaning of customer service, with an emphasis on customer retention, creative problem solving and conflict resolution.

In short, we help you build an environment that fosters innovative thinking, strong communication and trust. Located in the Washington, DC area, we’ve done extensive work with clients across North America, but our workplace is the world. Linda Finkle has taken her easy-going, take-no-prisoners style of coaching, and the great programs offered by Incedo Group, to Europe and Asia.


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