Change Management Issues

Change and change management is a fact of life and part of every company no matter what size it is…

Whether you are merging with another company, have new leadership, need to change the culture or are simply adopting new technology, change is difficult for many. Ignoring this fact is destined to create stress, frustration and unintended outcomes.

Acknowledging that change management issues are part of the process is the first step toward the outcome you want. Change management issues include, first and foremost, getting staff and managers to the point where they say, “Let’s give it a go.” If you can’t get this to happen, it spells failure for the initiative and maybe your business.

You can hire change management consultants and spend thousands of hours on working through change management issues. But if you don’t figure out what has to happen in order to get people willing to embrace the idea of change, and if you have people who aren’t willing to give it a try, then you are wasting your time and money.

Change management isn’t techniques or process or procedures; it’s about people.

Once you accept this fact, you’ll shift how you manage change management issues.

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