Do you feel like you're herding cats?
Are you a leader? A business owner, manager, or team leader?

Would you like to be?

The real question is whether you’re in a position of leadership right now or are hoping to get moved into one soon…are you 100% certain that you know all that you need to be the absolute best and motivate your team to achieve the mission at hand?

Let’s face it, being the boss isn’t all about corner offices, 2 hour lunches and kicking back to watch the team go to work. It’s a lot of hard work and pressure. Because the truth of the matter is that a good leader leads from the front.

An effective leader is the best sales person, most persuasive communicator, hardest worker, and above all — knows how to motivate and delegate so that your team performs at their absolute best, too.

Leadership isn’t easy, yet it can be incredibly rewarding. To those who master the 9 critical components of the leadership machine, in fact…being a leader is guaranteed to be very profitable.

On the other hand, if you’re not at the top of your game when it comes to any of the following leadership skills…you may be in danger of losing your position, never gaining it in the first place or worse.

As a leader, you already know that it’s critical for you to keep improving your skills. But did you know that if you are committed to mastering new attitudes and behaviors you can achieve more than you ever imagined? You see, it’s important for top leaders to do what others aren’t willing to do in order to reach the top tier that only 1% of the population ever attains. This is your opportunity — take advantage of this program and focus on honing these important skills:

  • Communication — Yes, you’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. Understanding how to communicate effectively and persuasively is arguably the most critical leadership skill you can possess and lacking it is a sure path to ruin.
  • Sales — Of course selling your products or services as well as motivating a sales team is critical to your income and that of your company. However, selling isn’t just about collecting money from customers and clients…a great leader knows how to sell ideas and concepts to their team as well as their superiors.
  • Delegating — The work must be done and it’s your job to assign the right people to the right tasks so that it’s done accurately and quickly. Because if it’s not…it’s your neck on the chopping block!
  • Time management — When you can successfully juggle competing priorities, you have the power to increase productivity, relieve stress and people will stand up and take notice of what to them seems like a superhuman ability.
  • Planning — You can’t get anywhere unless you know where you’re going first. Creating and executing detailed plans that not only provide a goal but the exact steps to achieve it gives you and your team an incredible ability to never fail.
  • Problem solving — You already know this to be true — problems will arise no matter what you do, and your ability to tackle them and solve them quickly and effectively is the difference between mediocrity and the person who gets the kudos.
  • Mentoring — As you become a better leader, you’re going to have to help others succeed as well. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone wanted to do it your way? Here’s your chance!
  • Moving from employee to manager — This is every ambitious employee’s dream — getting off the production floor and into the big office.
  • Influencing and managing up — A good leader isn’t just the guy or gal who shouts orders down from the balcony. The true greats know how to persuade their leaders that their ideas, plans and approach is the right one. Mastering this skill locks you onto an unbreakable path to amazing success!
  • Hiring effectively — People are your greatest asset. Once you learn how to hire effectively you’ll have less turnover and those who stay will be more productive. Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to recognize in the interview who will be a fit, who is likely to be one of your high potentials and who you should pass on?
  • Team Dynamics — You may not get to pick your team, but learning how to create a high performing team is essential. And once the team is together learning how to deal with the drama that happens in all teams will move them from mediocre to extraordinary.

It’s not possible for you to become a brilliant leader alone. Let me clarify … you have to do the work by yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. We’ve put this program together so you can achieve your outrageous goals of success and get the results not only for yourself, but for your entire organization. If you follow these steps, you can become the kind of leader that people want to follow. Are you ready to get results?

Well-earned praise from Linda's clients and students

We initially engaged Linda to help make a successful transition off of our current team at the time and form a new team of our own. In preparation for this transition, she helped us develop our new team structure and roles by diving into our SWOT analysis, business plan, and goals. We worked through the conversations we would have with management, current team members, our clients, and potential new hires. As a result of our work with Linda, we were well prepared for the conversations, kept 100% of our clients, and hired a new assistant. During this time, we had to stay focused on our metrics for the business and meet our goals, which Linda ensured we did.

We interviewed several coaches and scheduled those calls back-to-back. Upon completion of the calls but before having a thorough debriefing conversation with each other, we each had Linda at the top of our list.

Sonja: "During our interview call, she kind of scared us. I felt that she would definitely be able to hold us accountable."

Blake: "Linda has great rapport and is very relationship-focused."

These were the initial reasons we hired Linda, but they still hold true today. The combination of these has led to an amazing relationship that neither of us would give up for the world. We continue to work with Linda to help us take our business to the next level.

Blake Cecil & Sonja Blumoff, Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc.

When I started to work with Linda I knew I was ready for something more, and needed help to get there. I wanted to take my business to the million-dollar producer level and knew I needed to create a business model that would provide sustainable growth. I heard Linda speak at a conference and knew then I needed to work with her. Her energetic style and long list of accomplishments came across during her presentation and motivated me into action. Her customized approach to coaching has helped me focus on my strengths, set realistic goals and keeps me accountable. In the last year, my business is 30% over the previous year, I am more confident and recognize and embrace my talents and abilities to create a business that resonates with who I am. I'm looking forward to reaching the million-dollar producer level with Linda's support and help.

Arlene C. Wilson, CDFA, Financial Advisor | Vice President | Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

I've found working with Linda provokes me to think, analyze and take action on the things that I need to change in order for me to have better outcomes.

Angela Perry, Managing Sales Director | Mid-Atlantic Region | MetLife Premier Client Group

We hired Linda to speak at our annual Women in Finance event with the theme this year on Professional Presence when Linda discussed negotiating skills for women. Linda was easy to work with from our first interaction. She clearly knew the topic and customized it to our audience. One of our members said "The negotiation's presentation was perfect, as I learned a lot and have already shared it with my assistant, husband, and few friends who already have learned something from you, too!" The presentation was productive and information and Linda was an engaging speaker. If you are looking for an inspired, motivated speaker then Linda would be an excellent choice.

Tina Schackman, CFA, Director, CFA Society Orange County

Linda Finkle is incredibly insightful, thought-provoking and genuinely helpful. She combines strong listening skills with very practical and compelling business judgment. Linda's coaching has been instrumental in identifying and developing critical success factors in key senior leaders. Most important, Linda cares deeply about her professional relationships. She is certainly interested in success, but more importantly she is unequivocally committed to doing what is right. We place enormous value on our relationship with Linda and know that together we will share many future successes.

Larry Dahl, President, Lincoln Benefit Life Company

I believe working with Linda at Incedo Group has made me a better leader. The bottom line is she forces you to sit down and think about what you are doing, why you are doing it, how you are doing it and its impact on others. This is invaluable to leaders who have to perform at their peak, in a world that equally regards consistency and the willingness to change.

Richard B. Eells, Regional Vice President, Lincoln Benefit Life Company

I had recently been promoted to a Director position, and was looking for guidance in stepping into that role, and continuing on a path of professional growth. My objectives were to improve my leadership abilities, learn to effectively hold others accountable, learn to look at the company as a whole vs. just my department, and contribute to the direction and success of the company as a whole.

In addition to stepping into the promotion to Director, there were also major changes in the organization at that time. Linda helped me navigate the landscape in a professional and effective way. Her guidance gave me the tools to stay centered and remain focused. In addition to the internal organizational changes, a couple of my largest accounts had been struggling, resulting in loss of business for all of their major partners. While working with Linda, I was able to increase my overall sales in the face of those major challenges. I believe that my work with Linda has elevated me as a professional, providing me sustainable skills and abilities to continue to escalate my career.

As a woman who is striving to be successful in business, I was drawn to Linda as an example of a strong, successful, and confident woman who had a lot of experiences to pull from. Further, her style of communication is straightforward, easy, and open. I spoke with 3 or 4 coaches, and the choice was quick and easy.

Fawn Coutant

When we hired Linda, we wanted to develop two of our managers' communication skills to prepare them for the C-suite. We wanted to put concrete deliverables into action such that learning could be applied in real time. Working with Linda, our managers not only had the opportunity to bat above their class, but improved their communication skills across the board and clarified and refined their developmental goals.

Linda was recommended from a long-time colleague in employee relations that I trust. After speaking with her and several others, she was the clear choice. A strong coach who insists on establishing measurable outcomes. Compassionate but direct, time with Linda is well spent.

Larry M. Vales, Manager, Talent Strategies and Human Resources | The James Irvine Foundation

Revamp the Business of Business

My name is Linda Finkle, MCC (master certified coach). Over a career that’s spanned more than three decades, I’ve helped hundreds of hungry leaders and leaders in training to climb the ladder of success and take their rightful place among the world of business’ greats.

I have honed my coaching skills in the fires of real world business. From authoring an Amazon bestselling business book, “Finding the Fork in the Road” to creating an 8-figure recruiting company from the ground up and distinguishing myself as a top performer in sales, business development, and management — I’ve slogged through the mud just like you have and I’ve come out the other side with a wealth of hard won experience that you can now tap into.

And now I want to offer you the chance to sharpen the blade of your leadership sword on the stone of expertise that I’ve developed and I want you to be confident that you’re getting more than your money’s worth!

Leadership development is the most critical skill that any ambitious person from the lowest new hire trying to work their way up to the most seasoned CEO must master. I know that you may not have the time for a 1-on-1 session, so I’ve compiled a series of videos that you can use as your own personal guide as often as you wish.


If you’re struggling with delegation or managing a team, it’s a result of a choice you’ve made. If you want a different result, make a different choice…today!

In Revamp the Business of Business, you have the opportunity to select the items that apply to your unique situation, so you can get results quickly. Each block is a one-hour video with accompanying mp3 audio, allowing you to listen from anywhere.

  • Includes the 6 building blocks of successful communication, how to get back on track if communication goes awry, and tips/tools on communication. Little tips with big impact on your success.

  • Learn the secrets to building trust, motivating employees and leading even without having any authority.

  • Learn the tricks to solving problems by recognizing what gets in the way of solutions and how to spot issues before they even crop up.

  • Master the art of managing your time and competing priorities so that every moment is spent profitably.

  • Become a superior delegator and learn how to manage those who don’t delegate at all.

  • The most effective leaders are those who can manage those around them…including their superiors.

  • Whether you run a department, a business, or just yourself, creating accurate plans with specific steps to attain each goal is the key to incredible success that others can only envy.

  • Whether you sell products or services for a living, are responsible for developing new clients or simply want to become more persuasive and get others in your organization onboard with your ideas, this compressed lesson enhances your powers.

  • Get the knowledge and skills you need to step out of the producer role and into the leadership position you know you deserve.

  • Whether you get to pick your team or have an existing team you will manage, learning how to build an extraordinary team takes skill, practice, and patience.

  • Hiring effectively is key to the success of any organization. How do you hire so they won’t quit? How do you retain your best and brightest? Get the knowledge you need to know so you don’t lose your talent to someone else.

  • Interviewing successfully is a mix of science and art. Learning how to interview well gives you the best chance of hiring successfully, and getting those you want to say yes to your offer.

Not only does each lesson come with a one-hour video and audio, I’m throwing in special bonuses to help you apply what you learn in your real-world situation.

Revamp is a like an MBA squeezed into 12 hours packed full of real-world examples, immediately applicable advice, and free of decades-old dusty theory that really does nothing but waste your time.

Start sharpening your leadership blade now for as little as $27!

Each of the “Revamp the Business of Business” lessons is a 1-hour video and additional 1-hour audio standalone course. That means you can buy any or all of them without worrying about getting them in any kind of order. Pick and choose what you want to focus on and pick up new ones over time.

You can have each power-packed, laser-focused lesson for only $27, or you can purchase several at a time for an additional discount like this:

  • Buy up to 5 lessons for $27 each
  • Buy anywhere from 6 to 11 lessons and get them for only an additional $10 each:
    • 6 lessons for $145 (a discount of 11%)
    • 7 lessons for $155 (a discount of 18%)
    • 8 lessons for $165 (a discount of 24%)
    • 9 lessons for $175 (a discount of 28%)
    • 10 lessons for $185 (a discount of 32%)
    • 11 lessons for $195 (a discount of 34%)
  • Or buy all 12 for an awesomely low price of only $167! That’s over 49% off and you get the entire 12 leadership master building block course!

Imagine, 30+ years of sales, leadership, management, planning and coaching expertise wrapped into one 12-hour video bundle with 12 hours of mp3 audio to listen to anytime you want for less than $200!

Get the attention, money and praise you deserve by mastering the 12 vital building blocks of leadership success guaranteed!

While I can’t 100% guarantee your results simply because I’m not there in person to kick your butt, I will guarantee the products you’re about to purchase. Try any or all of the Revamp the Business of Business 12 vital building blocks to profitable leadership success and if you’re not totally satisfied and the information isn’t working for you, then I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price up until 30 days after you buy with no questions asked!

Don’t let another day go by wondering if you’re getting the most out of your team.

Don’t take the chance that you may be making critical leadership mistakes that are actually harming profitability and team cohesion without even knowing it.

Get the most compact and powerful system to boost you up to grasp that brass ring and amaze your employees, co-workers and superiors with your unmatched leadership abilities now.