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Whether your challenge is sales, communication, teams, planning, delegating or a multitude of other leadership challenges, we have a solution. Our leadership training courses are designed to give you the tools you need to succeed! Do you wonder if your business partnership can be improved? Are you wondering if you have the right people in the right roles? We can help!

Each of us wants to use our natural gifts and talents to our best advantage in life. If we are a person who is methodical and pays great attention to detail, we may not be best suited for a role that demands us to have an entrepreneurial spirit. The challenge we face is that many of us really don’t know what our unique gifts and talents are, even though we believe we should. And often we live in a culture that demands we be someone we aren’t. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know who you really are, what roles you are suited for, and how to use who you really are to be productive AND happy in your workplace? The ProScan® tool gives you insight into all this and more.

One of the most advanced instruments available, PDP’s statistical research on working adults accurately assesses an individual’s basic and preferred work styles. ProScan® examines combinations of specific traits that affect how you work most effectively.

Unlike any other tool available today, it doesn’t simply measure who you are, it measures your energy level and will highlight how stressors in your life (personally or professionally) are affecting how you show up, which may be very different than your natural self.

You’ll be amazed that you can complete this in five minutes AND the accurate details it will reveal about you!

Finding the Fork in the Road

Finding the Fork in the Road is an invaluable guidebook for the millions of smart and talented business people that co-own companies. Learn the secrets of successful business partnerships, beyond just profitability.

Linda Finkle addresses the “people side” of partnerships and shares the ground rules for navigating one of life’s most intense, collaborative and interdependent relationships. By exploring shared visions, establishing compatibility, fostering trust and measuring progress, partners are well on their way to building sustainable thriving relationships.

Complete with checklists, assessments and other critical tools to assess the personality traits and preferred work styles of each individual, and to better understand your partner, Finding the Fork in the Road is a must-read for anyone thinking of forming a partnership or struggling in an existing one.